Maxi Bowling

Bowling alley model appropiate for small sized establishments such as: Hoetls, restaurants, Cafeterias, Pubs, Discos, Casinos, Clubs, Sports Centres, Social Halls, etc.


1. Normalised bowling alley with a length of 12,02 m., maximum height of 1.65 m. and width of 2,30 m., it is possible to attach modules to this basic model with a length of 3.05 m. each.
Or build specifically to fit your establishment.

2. Electronic Game Monitor-Counter for 1 to 6 players. International game system for 6 and 10 players, totally automatic.

3.Automatic marker or pins knocked down, their corresponding number and simultaneous marking.

4.Game control by time and game. Insert coin to begin the game.

5.The machine positions the pins not knocked down by the first ball for the throwing of the second.

6. Voltage 220 V. 0.2 Kw. single phase. Simple maintenance.

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