A bowling alley suitable for smaller establishments, e.g.: Hotels, restaurants, Cafeterias and Pubs, etc.


1. We provide a standard bowling alley of lenght 8,70 m., with a maximum height of 1,65 m., and width of 1,15 m. To individually fit each site we provide extension units, of 2,5 m. length.

2. We have an automatic counter for 1 to 6 players. The international system of play; with 10 bowls in each game, completely automatic.

3. Automatic scoreboard indicating bowling pins down and their respective numbers.

4. Control of play by time or completed games.

5. A running total is kept of bowling pins down.

6. The machine replaces, for the second throw, bowling pins which have not been knocked down by 1st bowl.

7. Voltage single-phase with an electrical output of 0,2 kW, runs on 220 V.
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Please ask and you will appreciate the profitability of our range. 
 The machines are made under own patents, and approved by the National Games Committee of Spanish Ministry of the Interior.
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